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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Water Microbiome Project

With the help of citizen-scientists, we are looking to map the types of microbes found in Pittsburgh’s drinking water distribution system and our rivers. Don’t worry – not all microbes are bad or make you sick. Get involved to learn more.transparentlogo

How It Works:

1. Get involved. Interact with the project team. We are active in Pittsburgh Public Schools and through the Carnegie Science Center. Outreach sites and dates are updated via the Project News page. You can also get involved through this website! Sorry – you can only participate if you live in the city of Pittsburgh.

2. Sample the drinking water from your kitchen tap. Instructions are provided with your sampling kit and on the Sampling Instructions page.

3. Return your sample to the project team. Instructions will be provided with the kit. Don’t worry – the sampling device preserves the bacteria!

4. While the project team analyzes your samples, take some time to learn about bacteria and water quality.

5. After the project team analyzes your sample, you will be contacted. Check out the results here.

Project Goals

1. Map the microbes present in Pittsburgh drinking water based on various factors, including location and time.

2. Provide a learning experience for citizen scientists to gain more knowledge on the topics of water quality and microbiology.


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